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The Enviro-Tub is an innovative secondary containment enclosure. The resourceful design acts as a retro-fit for all single wall tanks. The unequalled construction allows for storage of most Steel, Plastic and Fibreglass tank designs. The secondary containment tub exceeds the 110% capacity specified by the A.E.U.B.G. -55 guidelines.

The covered plastic tub will keep out rain, snow, leaves and other debris to protect the life and finish of the primary tank. No expensive leak detection equipment is required  because the design provides convenient quick access for inspection.  The Enviro-Tub eliminates the problems and costs that are associated with other secondary containment systems  ex. vacuum truck, disposal fees, and most importantly eliminating the need to remediate our precious water and soils.
The Enviro-Tub’s unique design allows you the opportunity for countless applications.

The Enviro-Tub can be mounted on the unique four and seven foot stand configurations or mounted on most existing skid packages.

US Patent# 6149026 Canada Patent# 2249106

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