The ENVIRO-TUB is a perfect fit for agriculture

As the environmental regulations change, it affects all industries including the agricultural business. Land and water contamination are becoming a serious problem. Canadian Enviro-Tub believes these affects can be eliminated by a one time investment in an Enviro-Tub.

The Enviro-Tub will protect your land from contamination for future generations with its fully enclosed secondary containment system. This means no contamination due to spills or leaks from your fuel tanks.

  • Enviro-Tub is recognized by the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development program as an alternative solution for farm fuel and storage handling.
  • Enviro-Tub provides secondary containment protection and security for the primary container
  • No need to replace your fuel tank, allows for the use of low cost, single wall repairable tanks
  • Exceeds the G-55 guidelines with over 110% capacity
  • Enviro-Tub can be grounded for prevention of static electricity
  • At Canadian Enviro-Tub we believe you should not only save money but also receive the complete environmental protection you paid for

As land transaction proceed, financial instituions are becoming increasingly concerned. In many cases they are demanding soil samples to be taken to guarantee no soil contamination is found.

Be 100% sure that your fuel tank is not contaminating our soil, invest in an Enviro-Tub by Canadian Enviro-Tub.

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