* Included in "The Basic Tub Package":

Spill-Proof Lid *

An spill-proof lid can be added to the Enviro-Tub. The lid provides easy access to the primary containment fill spout. It also helps ventilation while keeping moisture and debris out of the secondary containment tub.

Steel Channel Frame-base with Steel Clamps *

The bottom of the Enviro-Tub is fastened to a steel channel frame-base with steel clamps or directly on the ground with suitable planking.  This design allows the Enviro-Tub to either be mounted on existing skid packages or 4-foot/7-foot tank stand configurations.



Vents *

The Enviro-Tub has specially designed vents that keep moisture and debris out, but let air flow through.




Inside Valve Access Port *

The Enviro-Tub comes with an inside valve access port.

This port will allow access to the interior valve to close off flow from the primary container to the exterior of the Enviro-Tub in case outside plumbing becomes damaged, or if you wish to set pump flow.  This also ensures control over your primary container.

Optional Parts:


Glass Window *

An optional site glass window can be added to the Enviro-Tub. The site glass window makes viewing of site glass measurements easy. There is no need to open the secondary containment tub.



Platform and Ladder *

Your safety is our concern. An optional rigid and sturdy platform and ladder attachment can be added to the Enviro-Tub. Enviro-Tub offers 4' and 7' stand configurations.



Ground Clamp

An optional ground clamp with cable wrap can be added to your Enviro-Tub package. This will allow installation in application that require grounding of equipment.



Internal Tank Stand

The internal tank stand can optionally be secured to the bottom container to prevent tank movement while moving skid package (e.g. - bed truck and picker).

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